Like most women, I’ve used tampons for many years, without thinking much of it. However recently I’ve been forced to face some health issues, and in my determination to survive, I began serious research about what causes certain health problems in women, and how they can be avoided.

One thing I discovered is that there are bacteria and toxins in many of the products we use everyday, that lead to serious health issues. In some cases these toxins can cause loss of limbs, organ failure and death.

We’ve all heard about Toxic Shock Syndrome, but what exactly is it? It is actually caused from a bacterial infection that gets into the bloodstream.

And how RARE is the serious and potentially fatal illness we are warned about on the box? It is 1 to 2 in every 100,000 women annually, and with the population of women in America being 157 million, those numbers are far higher than I am personally comfortable with. FullSizeRender-1

In recent news we have heard about the tragic story of model LAUREN WASSER having one leg amputated at age 24 due to Toxic Shock Syndrome, and is now about to lose her other leg.

I am astounded at what is referred to as rare by these companies marketing feminine hygiene, and what they feel is an acceptable loss, for the benefit of using their products.

If you do chose to use tampons, then there is a company called LOLA that manufactures a very safe line of feminine hygiene products, that I personally recommend. FullSizeRender

I am happy to report to you that my health is improving by the day, and I attribute it solely to God, as He has not only spared my life and begun a miraculous healing in me, but lead me to a better way of living through clean eating, using only natural cleaning products, and consumer awareness.

Thank you for reading, and as I close I would like to recommend a book to you called “A More Excellent Way to be in Health” and give you a link to an article about CLEAN EATING along with another article about the toxins in HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS.