How To Help Kids Succeed Academically

As a parent I am often stretched thin on time and resources, however one thing that has made life much easier in our home, is the discovery of a website called  “Khan Academy”  a non-profit website that offers academic learning for kids FREE OF CHARGE (although to sustain this worthy organization, when it’s at all possible, I encourage you to make a donation.)

Your children can log into their profile with their own username and password, and go through exercises, take tests to asses their skill level, identify areas where they struggle, and watch instructional videos when they get stuck.

Their school teachers can create a profile, and log on as a coach, to assist as well.


This is a POWERFUL tool for parents from all walks of life, to empower their children to excel, for little to no money.

Asking Mom is privileged

to give Khan Academy  

a 5 star review!


The website will email you directly to give you periodic updates including the exact minutes/hours each of your children has spent working on their various subjects, and their progress.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.”

~Benjamin Franklin




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